Friday, August 3, 2012

Peach Jam

Today, I made peach jam for the first time. This past winter I made orange-lemon marmalade for my hubs (those English love their marmalade) when the local grocery had a special on oranges. He really liked it, so I decided to use some of the peaches from one of our fruit trees for jam. It is really easy :)

I followed the recipe at my favorite food preserving site here "How to Make Peach/Nectarine Jam" As always, her recipe was foolproof. You need peaches, sugar, bottled lemon juice, fruit pectin (from your local grocery store or Wally World) and pint or half-pint canning jars with lids and rings (also at your local grocery or Wally World). I do not even bother with the half-pint jars myself....not worth the extra $$ for the amount of product you can put in one, and it usually doesn't take us too long to empty a pint of yummy. (She also has a recipe that uses Stevia/sugar instead of all sugar.)

I plan on making more, as I want to give a few jars away. Also, I plan on using it to make shortbread cookies and some type of dessert roll this fall and winter.

I also made tomato-basil soup for the freezer today. I'll post the directions for that in the next few is sooooo good on a cold Saturday for lunch.

 Earlier this week I shucked, cut, and prepared sweet corn to freeze from our good friends' farm. I'll post their recipe and directions for how they (and now me) like to preserve it so it tastes great when you use it later in the year. I did 22 dozen last year, and it was delicious. This year I am doing less than half of that as I planted a lot more veggies this year than I did last.

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