Room Makeovers

Our first mission in this house is to "makeover" each room to a comfortable standard, nothing fancy, just nice and clean and fresh.

Before we moved in, we ripped out the small amount of carpeting (three rooms, the front entry, and a hallway) to reveal a layer of masonite over heart pine and poplar floors....yeah! We left the covering on until each area was spruced up.

Below is the before and after of the first room I completed, the dining room. I have not touched the floors as they were in okay condition as-is. (The wall and trim paint is Valspar Superior from Lowe's, the ceiling paint is Olympic, chandelier is from, mirror, curtains, and candles are from Ikea.)


The next room I tackled was the front parlor (or parlour as my husband calls it). I had to pull about 500 nails out of the masonite to get it off the 160-year-old heart pine floor. (I lost 18 pounds our first year here!) (I used Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane on the floors. The ceiling fan is Hunter. I ordered the wood blinds online, but cannot remember which site at the moment.)

 The next room was the master bedroom.....

I just finished the kitchen makeover on-the-cheap. (The fake tin backsplash is from Lowe's.)

 I am currently working on the front entry, guest bathroom, and back hallway. Pics coming.....

Back hallway is in the shape of a "U." It goes from the front entry around to the dining room.


  1. Everything looks lovely Tammy! Love your site!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I am going to try to make it as lovely as some of my fave blogs :)