Auction Finds

I really enjoy going to country auctions. In the summer, I am able to go to them any day of the week. During the school year I can usually only make Saturday or online events, which is good because I need some restraint! I usually go not looking for anything in particular but always end up with at least one or two or more goodies for me, the house, the hubs, or the pooches.

I have devoted specific pages for my dinnerware and linen finds (since I seem to have quite a few of those). I am not a hoarder, I am not a hoarder, ....

This is one of my $1 boxes I bought this weekend (9/01/12). I wanted the two insulators int he middle to use as desk paperweights.

I really don't know when this cabinet was made; I am guessing 1940s but I have not researched it. It's in the utility room and it is where I keep my home-canned goods. That is part of our chocolate lab's backside in the corner....he likes to sleep in front of it.

The spinning wheel is from a historical society "dismantling" auction. It is mid-19th century (I think) and has since been moved from the dining room to the parlor. The 1950s Philco electric stove is now in my barn kitchen. Everything worked except for the clock, and I may try to fix that some day.

The radio is a 1953 working Motorola. I have cleaned it since and put it in the guest room. The drop-leaf mahogany table replaced the questionable round one that was in the parlor.

The secretary/desk is on my project list to refurbish along with a matching cushioned chair. The canister set is a vintage Kreamer.

The old hairdryer actually works! It is in the closet right  now awaiting the master bathroom makeover. The lamp on the right is one of a pair that were in excellent condition. I didn't even need to clean the shades.

These are some of the vintage patterns I snagged at a local auction.

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