Welcome! I am Tammy. My English-born husband, Robert, and I have been married since 2007. We have five kids between us, however they have all left the nest (three in England and two here in Ohio). Before we married, it was decided that Robert would emigrate to the States and move into my 1950s suburban ranch. We knew that eventually we would find our "dream"  home in the country and make the move. Three years later that is exactly what we did. Our 1849 federal brick and three acres needed a lot of work (and still does), but it has been a labor of love. We have been here since 2010 and have loved every minute of it. 

We both have full-time jobs, but mine allows me more time off in the summer to concentrate on "makeovers" and the garden.  I am still learning about gardening but went for it big style in an effort to control at least part of what we eat. I do what I can to can, freeze, and dry what we cannot eat during the summer months. I also sew, refurbish, reclaim, and salvage during my room makeover projects. Robert will retire ten years before me, so I will be training him along the way for the manager position of my future shop along the way.
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