Friday, April 25, 2014

Tri-State Allergies!

When will it end? Soon I hope.

Today, I have called in sick due to my springtime allergies. I've made it every day this week with an intermittent bloody nose, sneezing attacks, poor sleep, sinus headaches, upset stomach, sore throat and really tired. This morning as I was getting my clothes out, hubs looked at me and suggested I stay home and rest. I said, "no," the musical is in the morning and it won't be too bad to work through the day. Then the sneezing started and I had a look in the mirror.......not a pretty sight. I don't think the puff fish look is in.

I took the dogs out, came back in, and it hit me. I needed to sit down....vertigo. So I logged in to the computer to schedule a sub.....I hope there was someone available, because by now it was 5:35. Wait a doesn't start until 7:30. It's just me that thinks 5:35 is late to be deciding if you're well enough for work.

I did have someone fill the slot and am glad I decided to stay home. I thought it was going to rain last night (which probably would have helped settle the pollen down), but it's only drizzled a little. Maybe it'll pick up during the day. The pollen forecast for today is "low" in contrast to the previous days of the week of "high." It's supposed to be back up tomorrow and Sunday.

It probably has not helped that I've been outside three nights this past week trying to get my garden planted. I've put in some spinach, lettuce (head and loose), peas (two varieties), carrots/radishes, beets, and white onions. I will not be able to get back out there until the rain/dry-out). I still have loads to do in the next few days: yellow onions and potatoes (four varieties). That will be it until next weekend after the ground has warmed a bit more. Then I'll put in my beans, cukes, zukes, and seed herbs. The plants I started will wait until the end of May to go in. I have loads of tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and herbs to plant then. I still need to get some red onions and beans (lima and green). I have some other types of beans, but I need to get some of my old faves. I'll wait to do my winter squash until a week into June. I can't wait to start harvesting, freezing, and canning this year.