Monday, March 18, 2013

Auction Bible

This past Saturday, as usual, I attended a local estate auction. I am just now going through some of the items and though I would list an old Bible I found in one of the boxes I purchased. Upon inspecting it I learned that it was purchased in 1896 by the widow of a Civil War veteran. After finding his obituary (he died over 20 years after his injury), I learned that the war did not kill him but an infliction he acquired after being severely injured in the second battle of Bull Run. I've decided I am definitely not selling this piece of history. It will remain in my pre-Civil War home on display. More to come tomorrow.....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Last year I planted 50 north European strawberry plants. Supposedly they are "sturdier" specimens, and I am hopeful of a bountiful harvest. I just need my friend, J, to till my gardens in order to get me motivated. Then I will get out there and neaten up the patch as well as plant my spinach, hopefully by the end of the month. I also need to spray the fruit trees next weekend (temps in the low 50s!) and decide what seeds I am going to have to order (what I cannot get locally).

The first recipe I want to try is this strawberry yummy I saw on the same French blog, "My French Country Home.

Click to find a fantastic pic of this scrumptious-looking dessert. I will post pics of all of my creations (if they turn out) when the time comes.

Lemon Tart

I cannot seem to get myself away from French blogs today. Susan from "My French Country Home" has yet another seemingly simple recipe that I would like to make. It is a for a lemon tart and how I do love lemony desserts! Check it out

This pic is from her blog.
I have attended another auction this weekend as well. I am in process of soaking all the to come.

Friday, March 1, 2013

French Tarragon Chicken

And here is yet another yummy recipe from Susan to try with fresh tarragon.....

Yummy French Snacks

I have found another fantastic French blog - an English lady living in France with her French husband and children. This is another recipe (the almond cakes) that I want to try.

Rubber Stamps Galore

Last Saturday, I went to an estate auction in the government seat of a rural county. It was great :) I only wished I could have been in two places at once as they were selling furniture at the same time as "box lots." As there was nothing in the furniture area I just had to have, I followed the box lot auctioneer. This was after I had purchased mostly Austrian, German, American (Pope Gosser and Homer Laughlin) and a few pieces of 1940s Japanese.

Amongst those boxes of "junk" was a sweet container filled with looked over (by me and just about everyone else) rubber stamps, embossing powder, ink pads, card get the picture. Although I've never been a big fan of scrapbooking, I do like to use the stamps for gift tags. I only had one medium-sized stamp before the auction, because they were always too expensive for this bargain hunter. But not this day....

Now, I just have to read up on how to emboss and use some of my goodies.

Tomorrow, I am attending another estate auction and hopefully I will be able to have a marathon photo shoot / listing session for Etsy on Sunday. (I've only managed to put about a fourth of last weekend's booty on.)

Part of my problem is that I have discovered several French blogs written by English and American folks living in rural France. I can't peel myself away from them once I get started. But I am even more inspired for the master bath makeover this guessed it French / American farmhouse decor (whatever that means). Well, time to order pizza for Amelie's #1 associate and employee of the month.....