Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Gone Again

I have not written in such a looong time. Life gets so busy and writing a blog post gets tucked lower and lower on the the to-do list and then over four months have gone by.

This Christmas we had a lovely time with my two adult children, mother, brother and his family, husband, and dogs getting together on Christmas Eve for a lasagne dinner. We started out with a spinach salad complete with bacon, egg, and homemade vinaigrette....I converted my brother to a spinach eater! We ended with lemon cake and eggnog ice cream. (The empty plate is where my 5-yr-old niece was sitting, and I was not going to pressure her into salad ..... yet.)

The day before I made Scotch eggs (for my English hubby) to take to work. I "spice" them up a little as the regular recipe is a little bland for me. I also make the sausage layer thinner than traditional Scotch eggs.

We have been busy at the farmhouse with home makeover projects as well. More to come on that later.

With the New Year soon to be here, I have made three resolutions. One is to eat healthier and try to slim down a bit. I don't do starvation diets, but I do like the idea of making better choices. The second one is to write more posts as it provides a way for me to chronicle our lives here at Amelie's, and I do not want to forget any of it. The third is to improve my Etsy shop and figure out how to take better pics of my vintage wares. Here's hoping I can keep at least one of them!