Monday, August 6, 2012

Library Progress

Today, I am cleaning out the dirt from between the floor boards in the soon-to-be made over "library." It took over 20 hours to remove the old Masonite and nails, but well worth it. I'm taking  my first break right now :)

Up until now, this large room has been home to many boxes of books and office supplies and hubs' model trains/cars. It was also my spray paint room and playground for an occasional mouse (finally figured out where they were getting in last week).

I hope to have stained and sealed by the weekend so I can paint over the weekend. I like to paint after I do the floors, because sanding the floor (regardless of how "light" you do it) throws too much wood dust on the walls. And, I am neat about it.

I've decided to go a little primitive with this room so ordered some Amish-made wrought iron lighting. There is not overhead wiring, so I've opted for two 4-candle candelabras. In addition, I am using two wall-mounted iron sconces for candles and two electric iron wall sconces. These last two lights will flank what was once the fireplace that is now covered with walnut paneling saved from the pre-1849 corn crib. Some day I want to have a table and benches  made from the wood and expose the fireplace/convert it to gas. But that is a few years down the road....I just want to make it useable. I also want to use two sets of original shutters in the room (found in the barn)...maybe mounted so they can be closed. If that's not possible, maybe mount them to the wall flanking the two windows.

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