Thursday, July 26, 2012

Painted Floor

I have been up for two hours but cannot seem to get started on the final day of my hall floor. It has not been an easy task. This on-the-surface "easy" hall  makeover has taken forever! Here is what has been done.

1. The stinky carpet was removed before we moved in 18 months ago. This revealed a Masonite and linoleum mix with about 500 nails embedded in it.
2. All Masonite and lino was removed. This revealed floor repairs (and cuts from when plumbing and HVAC was installed) and a few holes in the turn-of-the-century pine floor (this is in the addition, not the original 1849 portion).
3. I repaired and replaced the wood, This left it a little better looking, but still not good enough to sand and stain. And, there had been a border painted at some point before 1966 (when the former sitting room was turned into a bathroom and hall), and I am pretty sure it has lead in it. So that means no sanding for refinishing.
4. I then did all of my painting: ceiling, trim, and wall. I also coated the two sets of sliding closet doors (one for a panty the other is a coat closet) with Minwax Polyshades to freshen them up without painting them.
5. The three lights I bought were too big for the space, so back they go and I purchased a discount version of some schoolhouse lights from Lowe's. I cannot put them up until this weekend, because I realized I need another coat of ceiling paint and my brand is out-of-stock until Friday evening!
6.Back to the floor.....I decided paint would be the answer as it is still very sturdy pine over a sturdy sub-floor. If it looks that terrible I will have someone come in and tile it. I cleaned it with a weak Murphy's oil/water mix and scrub brush. I took it easy on the water and wiped well as I went. (The wood was soooo dirty.)
7. I then painted the entire floor with Kilz primer (the gold label) and let it dry overnight.
8. I then painted with Sherwin Williams porch and floor paint in grizzly gray. It is water-based and low-odor. It went on like a dream.
9. Today is the final coat of floor pain and trim touch ups. Then I can paint ceiling again, nstall lights, and put new doorbell in (which is located in the hall).

Hopefully I will have pics up on Monday!!!


  1. Still no pictures!!

    1. Okay, Mr. Amelie's Farmhouse, you have just become my official photographer!