Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canning Pizza Sauce

Yesterday, I made seven pints of homemade pizza sauce. It's a little bit of work, but goes quickly if you get organized before you start. I fill my canner with water, get all of my jars, lids, and tops (one extra than the recipe calls for just in case), bowls, etc., etc. out and ready before I peel one tomato.

This recipe called for 20 lbs. of tomatoes, any kind. I like to use mostly Roma when making sauces as they tend to be less watery. However, many of my Romas were zapped during our heat wave earlier this month. So, I used a variety of tomatoes from the garden.
I used the directions in this canning recipe. This lady does a great job with directions for preserving just about any kind of vegetable or fruit. She also lists local farms to pick you own or already picked. The home page is http://www.pickyourown.org

I used the recipe as it was written, including the salt. I used a little celery seed instead of the optional celery. If you decide to use this recipe, or any cooked tomato recipe for canning, do not be tempted to over season with onions, garlic, or fresh herbs...they can become bitter. I usually "tweak" the sauce when I get ready to use it. I have used it 'as is,' with a little sugar, canned tomato sauce, and meat over pasta, and with other fresh veggies cooked into it. But, it is a good base sauce....I used it last year and wish I had made more.

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