Saturday, April 13, 2013


Well, tomorrow never came with more Civil War bible pics and info. Life has been busy around here with school obligations and being gone for spring break. I will revisit it this summer. It now has a nice spot on top of an old slant top desk/secretary in the dining room. After my big clean and spruce up, I will post some more pics of it.

I have just completed my online college course to complete the necessary "hours" I need to renew my teaching license here in Ohio. This is something that most of us have to do every five years along with another FBI check and fingerprinting. Everything is done and now I am just waiting for my official transcripts to be sent.

I have been busy as ever with my Etsy shop and the local auction scene, as well. My goods have started to take over the family room in addition to the dedicated "Amelie" room I have. They were beginning to creep into the dining room, too! I've cleaned up the dining room and have four boxes to sort in the family room and then I will be back down to one room (in the house......I have things in the barn already!)

I have started counting the days before the end of school (yes, teachers do it as much as the kids), and there are 34 days with students left (excluding weekends and Memorial Day)!!! I have one more day of work after that and "hello, summer!"

See ya later :)

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