Monday, April 15, 2013

No School

This year has not been a very good year for me in terms of little ailments popping up.....nothing serious but they are always just bad enough to  make me miss a day of school. Today, it's an allergy related (I think) problem per usual. If it's not vertigo or a sinus headache, it's swollen eyes. Today, it is swollen eyes and a headache, nothing more but I was not going in looking like I do. I had a terrible night's sleep as well and was a zombie when I got up and started moving about at 5:15 am. Thank you Spring :)

I spent a large part of yesterday outdoors in addition to cleaning out Amelie's storeroom in the house. I helped the farm hand trim trees, I then sprayed the fruit trees, we fixed the riding mower (farm hand did the mowing), and then tried to fix the gas grill (it needs replaced). In all fairness the grill will still work, but the tank was faulty (back to Lowe's it goes this week for an exchange). But we still need a new has made it through six years (all year) of cooking many, many meals.

The good news is that our farmer friend tilled my gardens last weekend and it's about ready for me to do one more till-under before I start planting....onions and spinach first.  We extended the back garden to the left in the pic. There was an awkward strip of grass between the garden and what used to be a gigantic brush/wood pile (now gone) that was difficult to mow without blowing grass into the garden so we tilled it up. I also have sourced some beef (1/4 of one) locally. Seems that my friend's farm raises a small amount of beef in addition to growing grain....yeah! Now I need to buy a small freezer as well as a new grill....before June. I will research today while my eyes recover.

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