Sunday, February 17, 2013

Etsy 100th Sale!

Amelie's Farmhouse made its 100th sale on Etsy today! What started out as an idea my daughter planted in my brain became a reality 10/12/12. I absolutely love auctioning and sharing my goodies on Etsy. I plan on expanding into soapmaking this spring along with the other hundreds of soapmakers out there. I want to sell locally as well as pair up my soap with vintage dishes and glassware that can be repurposed as soap dishes. No pics today, but I have a little story. Today, I went to an auction about 20 miles from here. Now normally I find a few good things from this auctioneer's sales, but today I tore up my bidder's number and walked out. One of the "employees" that holds up merchandise while the auctioneer calls continues to bid against the audience buyers. This is the fourth sale that it has upset me little and not because he outbids me......I would have no problem with an actual customer/buyer outbidding me because that's the whole idea behind an auction. But I really have a problem with the employees being buyers while they are holding up the merchandise. There, I've vented, but I will not return to this company's sales unless they are through the week in the summer. I believe this "gentleman" has a real job through the week.

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