Monday, September 3, 2012

Guest Bathroom

I started the guest bathroom (the one I usually use for now) back in March, 2012. I had taken some before pics, but they mysteriously have disappeared from our camera. I did find a picture of it when we first looked at the house with our realtor in November, 2010. There was a lot of peeling wallpaper with pretty purple flowers, blue cabinets, and a broken shower head. (I went to take my first shower in it and it fell off!)

Now it is September and I finally found a mirror that I liked at an auction this past Saturday. All that is left to do is complete the towel rack pallet project I found HERE, buy a rug and towels, and frame some antique artwork for over the throne. This is how it looks so far....

I painted the vanity top with chalkboard paint (it's sort of thick) and then sprayed it with satin poly. I made the outer shower curtain from burlap. The walls look darker in person and are colonial gray from Valspar.

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