Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jane was hit, abandoned, and now needs surgery. She is a sweetie.


  1. Jane had her surgery and is recuperating now. She is sharing a room with Arthur- a 12 year old yellow lab who has a hard time walking...
    The two of them have made themselves comfortable. She has a funny smile and does a sort-of Elvis lip quiver when she is happy.

    Homestretch Hounds in Clermont County, Ohio thanks everyone for their support! They could not have saved her without it.

  2. The same that I posted the above comment, I got another email about Jane, aka Daisy May.

    "Jane is doing well considering all she has been through. She is still recovering from her surgery two weeks ago. She is walking on three of her legs, still having trouble with the fourth, but getting stronger and better all the time. We are looking at braces for her bad leg to help her to walk without knuckling and will buy something once we save up a little extra money. She has nerve damage in that leg that will probably be permanent, but I don't think that will slow her down much once she gets the hang of things."

    Thank you again to all that contributed to the "ChipIn!" for her.